Articles Exercises Pre-Intermediate

Articles Exercises Pre-Intermediate. Different examples of the use of articles are included (about 40 sentences). A / an / nothing;

Upper Intermediate Level Tense Revision from

A / an / the. Word stress, the sounds /t/, /d/, /p/, /b/, /v/, /f/, /r/ and /l/ and rising and falling intonation. In pairs, students take it in turns to read a sentence on their worksheet to their partner using the word 'blank' for each missing article.

Talking About Habits & Routines.

Past simple or present perfect: A / an / nothing; Lions are dangerous animals for people.

Do You Need An Article When You Speak About Past?

The students' task is to complete each sentence with a, an, the or no article. A / an / the. I’ll never forget ___ first time i saw ___ real american christmas tree.

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(british english) use of articles quiz 1. I went to paris last year and we visited the eiffel tower. Why do we need articles?

The Prime Minister A Prime Minister.

If you decide no article is needed, just put a 'x' in the space. Students, if you’d like to study the rules of english articles, then please read my explanation for beginner students. You can do the exercises online or download the worksheet as pdf.

A) Complete The Following Exercise With A / An Or The Articles.

A / an fill in the gaps. A / an / the exercise 8. What if i don't use articles?