Hands On Addition Games

Hands On Addition Games. Kids (even older ones) love this game! Now cut the cards apart.

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Flip cards instead of rolling dice. Die play doh string paper and pencil. One person aims for 200 by adding, the other to zero by subtracting.

In This Game, Players Simply Take Turns Flipping A Card From The Top Of The Deck And Figuring Out Where On The Board It ‘Fits’.

Learning (plus its fun!) indoor obstacle course for kids. Flip cards instead of rolling dice. Both people start at 100.

Lay Out Flashcards, And Then Use Blocks To Create Towers That Answer The Problems.

The games are designed to reinforce addition facts with whole numbers, decimals, fractions, integers, and even money. Now cut the cards apart. Sandwich fractions and a printable fraction game.

Teach Your Child Addition With Snacks!

But there’s something that kids love about flipping cards, taking turns, and trying to win. Start with the addition of one digit numbers for the children to get a hang of the activity. Add a one digit number to a two digit number.

Now Print The Cards In Color On Cardstock Or Laminate For Durability.

Both of these activities can be used in the classroom or at hom. Included are 8 activities and games perfect for practicing addition. Now you are ready for this addition for kindergarten.

They Took Turns, Each Doing A.

These addition games/activities were designed to reinforce basic addition with sums up to 12. Things got a little out of hand, loud and crazy, that i switched it up a bit. Chore list with dominoes & numbers.